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1.Q. My Label pdf has not arrived in my email In-box. What do I do now?
A. You may have given an invalid email address. First check that the email and attached pdf have not arrived in your Junk mail box. Did your payment go through OK and did you receive a payment confirmation email? If so, go to the ‘Find My Job’ section of the website and download your Label Design directly onto your computer with your Job No. Don't know your Job No.? Email us at and request it. We will email you back, though depending on the time of day it could be the next day before we get back to you.

2.Q. How long before I receive my labels? A. If you are having them sent directly to you by email, this should take less than 15 minutes. If we are printing and posting them to you, this should take 3 working days if being sent to a UK address • Up to 5 working days for orders being sent to other EU countries • Up to 7 working days for the rest of the world (including the USA, Canada & Australia addresses). If you are ordering blank label sheets, the same applies. Important: Working Days are Monday to Friday and do not include public holidays. Orders received before 2pm GMT on a working day will be posted the same day. Orders received after 2pm GMT will be printed and posted the next working day and the delivery times (as stated before) start from that day.

3.Q. I have spotted an error on the label pdf file attached to the order confirmation - can you correct it for me? A. Sorry, the labels are produced in a fixed/non-changeable pdf format (like a photo) and can not simply be altered. If you have made a mistake please email us immediately and we will let you create it again and refund the first one. The recreated design must be the same as the first one (with only the correction made). If we have printed the label before you contact us, we can only offer you a 50% refund on the recreated label. If you only spot the error when you receive your printed labels, you will need to re-order.

4.Q. I need smaller labels to suit a different bottle shape. A. No problem, just design your label and place the order as normal, then email us at immediately (within 5 minutes) of placing the order and tell us the size of label you need. We will only need to know the height of label you want (so as it will fit along the flat surface of your chosen bottle) - the width will reduce in proportion. We will print your labels at the reduced size and post them onto you as normal. We would recommend not requesting the label height be reduced to less than 90mm (3.6inches) or the small text may be too small to read easily.

5.Q. I am having trouble paying for my order on PayPal? A. If this happens we can take the payment over the phone. Simply drop us an email at explaining the problem and we'll get back to you. We will have the details of your order including your label design and address details on our system, so you will not need to redo the order.

6.Q. My friend does not drink wine, but likes beer/whiskey/vodka etc. A. That’s fine. The labels will fit on any straight-sided, non-embossed bottles. You can word the labels to suit the bottle you want it for (eg. instead of bottled in London, put distilled in London or brewed in London). Measure the flat side of the bottle you want to use to make sure it is at least 135mm long. If not, we can print your labels at a reduced size - see Question 4 above for advice. If you are printing the downloaded PDF, Adobe Acrobat allows you to print your label pdf smaller by changing the print size from 100% to say 70% (or whatever you need it to be, through trial and error).

7.Q. The name(s) will not fit on the label design I have chosen? A. Really long names will not fit on all labels. The labels are designed for average to fairly long-sized names, otherwise we would have to set the type size really small which would make names like ‘Tim’ look far too small. However, there are a number of designs which cater for long names.

8.Q. The colours in the print are slightly different than the ones on screen A. All computer screens show colours in variations of red, green & blue (RGB), while printers print in variations of cyan, magenta, yellow & black (CMYK). Your computer and your printer talk to each other in different colour languages and sometimes the translation is not perfect. Every printer will print it differently - Try adjusting the printer's colour controls and always print at the highest quality your printer can achieve.

9.Q. Can I change the colours, type sizes or fonts on the label designs? A. Sorry, no. The label designs are set to keep them balanced and easy to use.

10.Q. I can’t write all I want on each line on the labels. A. There is a limit to the number of characters you can put on each line. This is to stop them running off the label (or getting too near the edge). Try shortening the text by taking out unnecessary words or breaking it into two lines if the label design allows.

11.Q. The print on the sticky label is a bit angled. A. This is because the label sheet did not enter the print engine straight. Try to make sure it does not go in at an angle - I’m afraid it’s out of our control.

12.Q. I can not get the label to stick to the bottle A. The bottle needs to be completely dry. A bottle taken from a fridge (or anywhere colder than the room you are in) will create condensation on the surface by attracting moisture from the warmer air. Make sure the bottle is at least as warm as the room you are in (ie not chilled). Once they are stuck to the bottle our sticky labels are fine to put in a fridge to chill afterwards, ie. put the label on the bottle before chilling - not after!

13.Q. I have had the labels sent to me by email but I have changed my mind and want you to print them for me now A. That’s fine. Send an email explaining this to and we’ll get back to you about the slight surcharge and the payment instructions.

14.Q. I am having trouble paying for my order. A. If you have reached the payment section then will we have your label and delivery address on file. Just drop us a line explaining the problem to and we will arrange an alternative way to clear the payment.

15.Q. None of the above answer my question A. Send us an email at Note - We are a small business and it may take a while to get back to you. Please make sure you have checked the Q&A’s above before emailing us and fully explain your question. Note - If you can’t see it in the isn’t available, sorry.