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A Superb 90 Year Old Vintage
Bottled in Kannock since 1960
Produced in The Hallen Valley 1929
Best served with friends and family around


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Personalised Wine Label for a Great 90th Birthday Party

Need a great gift for someone turning 90 soon. Our big and bold wine bottle label will bring a ninetieth celebration to life. Let your father, mother, grandfather or grandmother know how special they are by presenting them with a personalised 90th bottle of wine.

Add the date of birth. were born or live, their partner, children and grandchildren to make a personal gift for their 90th birthday.

Note - good phrases for an 90th wine gift include 'Matured for 90 years', 'a much loved vintage', 'a very special gift for a special person', 'an excellent 90 year old wine' etc.

Also, see our Wording Ideas page for some other suggestions.

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