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50 Year Vintage Special
Bottled - 3rd November 2019
Produced in Swansea in 1969
The choice of top primary school teachers and mums.
Specially selected with love by Kevin, Alison & Joe.


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Retro Classic Label

This eye catching, intricate design would best suit a bottle of fine red. The label is perfect for someone in their august years.

The flowery elements in the design might be more pleasing to a woman.

The design looks old fashioned which implies quality and longevity but there is also exuberance which suggests a person is young at heart.

Purchase this label now and make someone smile on the special day.

Note. Suggested phrases are ‘a classic, quality beverage’, ‘aged to perfection’ and ‘maintains crispness over time’.

Also, see our Wording Ideas page for some other suggestions.

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