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60 Year Vintage Special
Vintage - 15th October 1959
Matured in Portsmouth and Oldham.
Blended with the Harold grape since 1982
Often served in The Digger's Arms Public House.


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Old Vineyard Style Label

This beautiful bucolic design is a perfect birthday present for those in their august years.

The soft, mellow light and hint of mist over the lush vineyard suggest maturity and calm and the golden years of a life. The vineyard implies a life lived to the full.

Why not go all the way and buy a bottle of fine wine for the label if you really want to make a memorable birthday gift? Make it a thoughtful present for someone you love and respect.

Note. Phrases that play on the idea of maturity are ‘a full bodied, mellow sweet wine,’ ‘best served chilled out’ and ‘a mature and mild character’.

Also, see our Wording Ideas page for some other suggestions.

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