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Replace the words in the boxes with the words you want to appear.
TYPE ALL THE WORDS (predictive text will NOT appear on your print!)
You can put whatever you want or try ‘Wording Ideas’ for suggestions.
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Groom's Name
Wedding Date
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& Francis
Bottled - 16th August 2019
The Lodge Hotel, Peterhead
Australian Jackstone Valley Cabernet Sauvignon


1. Ensure that your text has not reached or gone beyond the shaded
areas at the side of the label design. Overflow text will not print.

2. That you have typed ALL the words and not allowed your
computer to fill text for you. If you have not typed it, it will not print.

3. That you have checked all spelling and spacing between words.
We can NOT correct errors. Your label will print as it looks above.

Seriously! Double check for typos now before proceeding.

Ring Hearts White Wine Label

A simple, elegant design. Ideal for a traditional white wedding.

Apply it to a bottle of white wine to really compliment the occasion.

The simple interlocking hearts design is perfect for couples of all ages and is also suitable for anniversaries and engagements.

Note. Suggested phrases are ‘a traditional blend of him and her’, ‘bottled bliss’ and ‘a wedding bouquet’.

Also, see our Wording Ideas page for some other suggestions.

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