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The Wilson's
Dinner Party Vintage
Saturday December 7th 2019
A blend of the Gordon & Harriet grape varieties.
The choice of top chefs and party hosts.


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Stylish Dinner Party Wine Bottle Label

This clever, eye catching design will complete your dinner party in memorable fashion. What could be better than printing up a number of labels, adding them to bottles of wine and distributing them amongst your guests? This label will succeed in fine style. Please your guests with the suggestion of sophistication and quality in the design. The wine glass is made up of multi-coloured cutlery which indicates variety and choice – two essentials for a dinner party. Washing down food with wine has never been so much fun! Don’t be surprised if one or more of your guests copy you for their own dinner parties.

Phrases that play on these ideas are ‘spicy flavour’, ‘popular choice’ and ‘best enjoyed among friends’.

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