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A much loved festive favourite
Bottled - Christmas 2019
Produce of Kent Avenue, Bristol
The choice of top Grandads
Selected with love by Kelly & Jordan


1. Ensure that your text has not reached or gone beyond the shaded
areas at the side of the label design. Overflow text will not print.

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Cute Santa Claus Wine Bottle Gift Label

The cuddly, cartoon Santa on this label makes it an excellent choice for a grandfather from his grandchildren. The soft snow in the design suggests mellowness and sweetness. The slightly reddened nose would make him smile especially if he enjoys a drink over the season. The gentle, smiling Santa and the grey and white background indicate a person who is aging nicely and much loved. Why not purchase this label and make a surprise gift instead of a Christmas card this year? Show him that you love and care.

Useful phrases are ‘a mellow, sweet character’, ‘well rounded’ and ‘best served chilled with snow’.

More suggestions can be found at our Wording Ideas page.

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