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A Festive Favourite
The perfect choice for Christmas drinking
From The Fletcher Vineyards of Hull
Selected by Alan & Kerry


1. Ensure that your text has not reached or gone beyond the shaded
areas at the side of the label design. Overflow text will not print.

2. That you have typed ALL the words and not allowed your
computer to fill text for you. If you have not typed it, it will not print.

3. That you have checked all spelling and spacing between words.
We can NOT correct errors. Your label will print as it looks above.

Seriously! Double check for typos now before proceeding.

Festive Blackboard Notice Label

Feeling festive? Want to make the snowmen dance and reindeers cheer them on while your neighbours look on in a jealous state of rage and disgust? Well you can’t because snowmen aren’t sentient beings capable of conscious logical thought. Why not get the next best thing and design your own festive custom wine label? Order now and get your christmas spirit on the rise!

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