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Create a brilliant gift right now! Personalise your chosen design

Some of our Beat The Evil Virus posters can be personalised. Fill in the boxes with your own text and it will appear on the poster pdf. Once you hit the 'Get It' button you will be taken to our download page. Just click the orange 'Download pdf' button (ignore the payment bits underneath!)

Depending on your system your poster pdf may appear on-screen ready to be printed or it may go directly into your download folder. Print it using the fit page option if you want it fill a full sheet. Our pdfs are guaranteed virus free (...which hopefully the world will be soon!)

Advantages of Premium labels over free wine bottle labels


The Thompson Family


1. Ensure that your text has not reached or gone beyond the shaded
areas at the side of the label design. Overflow text will not print.

2. That you have typed ALL the words and not allowed your
computer to fill text for you. If you have not typed it, it will not print.

3. That you have checked all spelling and spacing between words.
We can NOT correct errors. Your label will print as it looks above.

Seriously! Double check for typos now before proceeding.