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Chateau Wilkinson 1981
38th Birthday Vintage
Bottled - September 15th 2019
Always a real favourite which has matured superbly.
A blend of the Thomas & Anne grape varieties.


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Our Big & Bold Classic Wine Label

With a prominent first name and the family name under the crest, this design is big and powerful. Ideal for a slightly elder gentleman, whether celebrating their 50th, 60th, 65th, 70th or even 80th birthday.

Personalise it how you wish, then either download it for instant printing at home or let us print off as many copy labels as you want. Also ideal for home wine makers or even homebrew experts.

Note - good phrases to use include 'The choice of true gentlemen', 'Best enjoyed whilst watching Manchester United', 'Famed for its laid back character', 'Guaranteed to hit the Bullseye!' etc.

Also, see our Wording Ideas page for some other suggestions.

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