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21st Birthday Selection
Vintage - 10th October 1978
Best served after a hard day shopping for shoes.
Selected by Carla, Jennifer & Catherine


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A Funny and Funky Wine Label for Professional Shoppers

Know someone who seems to spend most of their life in shops or planning huge shopping trips? This wine label design will transform a plain bottle of wine into a cool gift for their birthday.

With its strong image of a shopper with bags of sale bargains it is sure to get a laugh from her and her friends. It gives the impression that shopping is hard work and requires wine refreshment and is a modern wine label which shopaholics will enjoy.

Note - good phrases for this label are 'Best enjoyed after a hard day shopping for shoes', 'Best enjoyed after a hard day shopping for handbags', 'The perfect choice for bargain hunters', 'Always keenly priced', 'A Real Snip' etc.

Also, see our Wording Ideas page for some other suggestions.

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