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50th Birthday Vintage
Bottled - 16th July 2019
Made from vines which thrive in rough and sandy regions.
Often served in the 19th hole of good golf courses.
Specially selected by The Wilson Clan.


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Golf Themed Personalised Wine Bottle Label

Looking for an unusual gift idea for a friend or relation who enjoys golf and wine. This golfing wine label has a ball on the fairway theme which will transform an ordinary bottle of wine into a great gift for golfers. Whatever their handicap this golfball wine label is sure to delight. If they could not drive a ball 100 yards and always end up in the rough or bunkered you can make it funny or if they have a low handicap you can praise their game. Simply add the personal details and download it for printing at home or let us print it for you onto our tough and easy to use peel and stick wine labels.

The blue sky makes it ideal the perfect gift for fair weather golfers and professionals alike, whether it's their 18th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday. Includes their birthday, age and allows you to add text to make it funny and unique.

Note - good phrases which work for wine gifts and golfers are 'Best enjoyed after a winning round of golf', 'Often served at the 19th hole of good golf courses', 'The choice of golfing widows', 'The Tiger Woods of the wine world', 'The choice of future Open and Masters champions' etc.

Also, see our Wording Ideas page for some other suggestions.

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