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Order one of our brilliant Label Packs and you can create personalised labels at home or at work for FREE whenever you need a quick gift. No more waiting for deliveries! The enclosed label sheets work in conjunction with this website. All you need is internet access and any type of colour printer. (A standard colour printer is all we or anybody else uses to print personalised wine labels). Our blank peel & stick label sheets are high quality, brilliant white, untearable and waterproof.

3c551b92 Create personalised labels at home or at work whenever you need a quick gift.

Simply select a label design, make it personal and your label will be instantly emailed to you as a FREE hi-res pdf file (using the enclosed voucher code) which you can print immediately onto one of the 10 label sheets. Your label pdf will automatically line up with the blank peel 'n' stick label in the middle of each sheet. Peel it off and put it over the existing label on a straight-sided wine bottle to create a fun gift.

How to use the pack

Amazing Value!

Buy a pack for Only £9.95 and that's all you pay (No P&P). The label downloads are completely FREE. That works out at less than £1 to personalise a bottle of wine...there and then! You won't find an easier, cheaper or quicker way to make brilliant personalised gifts.


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Tips & Advice

If you are intending to put the label over an existing label it is best to select red, rosé wine or white wine in a green coloured bottle (ie. not clear) to stop the image on the existing label showing through. Also label designs which do not have a white background help block the label image underneath showing. Basically avoid putting a label with a white background over a label on a clear bottle.

When putting the label on the bottle it is a good idea to put a dry towel under the bottle to stop it rolling around. There are a number of ways to line up the label before putting on the bottle. Here’s two we use:

1. Have the existing label centred facing you on the bottle with the bottle bottom nearest to you. Hold the label firmly either at opposite corners or in the middle of the top and bottom edges when lining it up with the existing label. Slowly lower it and lightly stick the label in the centre of the existing label and then flatten it out towards the edges.

2. Alternatively turn the bottle so it is side on to you with the top to the right and then hold the label firmly at each end along the left edge before lining it up with the left edge of the existing label underneath. Lightly stick along that edge of the existing label and then slowly roll it out towards the opposite edge. Press the label firmly to the bottle, especially the glass surface. If you are left with bumps around the edges, we find rubbing them with the back of a teaspoon helps flatten them out.

We always recommend removing the existing label first if you have time. This will make sticking the label to the bottle easier without the bump of a label underneath. If you are not happy with how it is positioned on the bottle you can usually peel it off and try again without damaging the untearable label, though you will need to do this soon after putting it on the bottle as it will become permanent after a few seconds.

Inkjet Issues

Our labels are waterproof, but inkjet ink isn’t...well not immediately anyway. So long as the print does not get wet normal handling of inkjet label prints will not cause any problems.

However, if you intend to chill the bottle in the fridge after sticking the label to it you need to be aware that when you take a fully chilled bottle out of a fridge it will naturally attract air moisture. The label will quickly become covered in water droplets. This may cause some inkjet inks to run and spoil the label.

To avoid this happening it is best to leave the ink on the label to dry for at least 48 hours in a warm and dry environment before putting it in the fridge. If you do not have that time just cool the bottle for a couple of hours and this should not cause an issue when it is removed from the fridge.

Alternatively you could try wrapping a fully chilled bottle in a dry towel or kitchen towel to block air moisture reaching the label after you take it out from the fridge and/or leave it lying on its side for an hour to stop the ink running down the label.