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If, for some reason, you have not quickly received the email which includes your Label Design you can download the Design directly from here. Simply type your LABEL NUMBER (which was shown in the Order/Payment section) into the box below and click the 'FIND' button. If your label design has been successfully purchased a 'Download' button will appear. Click it and a pdf of that design will be sent straight to your computer.


1. Save the attached pdf onto your computer desktop (or a document folder on your computer).
2. Open it with Adobe Reader only! If double clicking the pdf opens it in another program then stop and go into Adobe Reader and open it from there.
3. After clicking the Print option, check that 'Page Scaling' is set to 'None' and the 'Auto-Rotate and Center' box is clicked. The preview box in the corner of the window should show your label in the middle of a white page with plenty of space around it.
4. If using our sticky label sheets, make sure you set the paper type to 'Labels' or 'Medium or Heavy Paper' before printing (if you have the option in your computer's Print dialogue boxes).

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